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La Palma Steaks

2. La Palma Strip (10 oz.) - $13.95
2A. La Palma Ribeye (12 oz.) - $17.95
A tender delicious steak served with rice, beans and a side order of cheddar cheese or guacamole.

5. Bisteck a la Mexicana - $11.95
Pieces of steak and onions, jalapeņo peppers and tomatoes. Rice and beans included on the side.

13. Milaneza Steak - $13.25
Seasoned tenderloin steak dipped in egg batter and coated with bread crumbs.
Served with rice and choice of beans or french fries.

17B. Carne Asada - $13.25
A delicious skirt steak, topped with grilled onions, choice of guacamole or cheddar cheese. Served with rice and beans.