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Appetizers & Salads

27. Tostada Caxcan - $7.25
Homemade flour tortilla, deep fried, topped with beans, beef, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and sour cream.
29. Tortilla Soup - $3.95 (Cup) $6.95 (Bowl)
Served with cheese, avocado, Chile Chipotle, sour cream.

29A. Enchilada Soup - $4.95 (Cup) $7.95 (Bowl)

Served with chicken breast, vegetables, sour cream and spices.
30. Queso Dip - $3.95
Made with cheese and fresh ingredients.
30A. Queso Flameado (Chicken or Beef) - $7.95
         Queso Flameado (Shrimp, Carne Asada, M. Pork, Chorizo) - $9.95

A casserole dish full of delicious melted Monterey cheese.
Choice of flour tortillas or corn tortillas.
30B. La Palma Dip - $4.95
Made with ground beef, cheese, and fresh ingredients.
30C. French Fries Americanas - $8.95
Steak fries topped with Queso Dip, Ground Beef, and Sour Cream.
Served with a side of chili sauce.
La Palma Nachos
Chicken or Beef Marinated Pork or
Carne Asada
32. Orginal (Cheese Sauce)
32A. Monterey (Shredded Cheese)

San Miguel (Queso)


Tortilla chips served with choice of beef, chicken, pork, or carne asada topped with beans, cheese, sour cream and pico de gallo.



33. Homemade Guacamole Dip - $3.25 (Small) $5.25 (Large)

Chips and Salsa (To Go) - $3.75
35. Sombrero (Taco) Salad
      Beef - $7.25
      Marinated Chicken Breast - $8.25
      Shrimp or Carne Asada - $9.25

Crispy flour tortilla shell filled with fresh shredded lettuce topped with tomato, cheddar cheese,
and a slice of avocado.